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Finding Your Way® Identification Form

Why should I complete an identification form?

An identification form can make all the difference between a quick search and a long one. The longer it takes to locate a missing person who is living with dementia, the more dire the outcome is likely to be. That’s why we encourage all care partners, families, and people living with dementia themselves, to download, print and fill out an identification form.

Consider making a copy of the completed form which can be provided to family members and professional care partners. In the event of an emergency, you’ll want to have easy access to the information to assist in search efforts. The Finding Your Way Identification Form thoroughly covers personal details that will help to locate a missing person with dementia much faster.

Some additional tips to help keep the person living with dementia safe:

  • Register the person living with dementia with a registry—some communities have Project Lifesaver, or a Vulnerable Persons Registry—for those that don’t, there is MedicAlert Safe and Found
  • Label clothing with name and care partner’s phone number
  • Save scent (swab with a cotton ball the armpit and put in sterilized container) for use by dogs in search and rescue
  • Camouflage doors to deter leaving
  • Provide a safe, clutter-free space to pace
  • Put the identification form in a Ziploc bag and place in freezer for safekeeping—leave a note on the fridge to indicate this form is there
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