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The Rapid Response Advisory Group is a group of persons living with dementia, care partners, Police Services, Fire Services, EMS members, researchers and Alzheimer Society staff across Ontario who are working to build efforts across the province to ensure positive interactions when a person living with dementia or their care partners are involved with first responders.  To access resources developed by the Rapid Response Advisory Group or to refer a person to the Alzheimer Society, please contact your local Alzheimer Society.  Find your local Alzheimer Society here.


Below you will find education and resources available to you.

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If you would like more information about the Rapid Response Advisory Group, please contact the Alzheimer Society Ontario.

Why is this needed? Because 60% of people living with dementia will go missing at some point, and unlike other missing persons, people living with dementia may not be aware that they are missing and are more susceptible to injury and death if not found.

If you are a first responder reading this, please share this collection of information and resources with your colleagues – it could save a life.

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