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We have three videos that are a great starting point. They explain some of the risks associated with dementia, and how we can all help to make our communites as safe as possible.

Living Safely in the Community
Living Safely in the Community
Living Safely in the Community
Finding Your Way PSA
Finding Your Way PSA
Finding Your Way PSA


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Building Safe Communities

If you are working closely with missing persons or seniors – or if you are a concerned member of the public – the following resources will help you to understand the behaviour of a person with dementia, how to help someone that might be lost or confused, and how we can all work together to build safe communities.

Finding Your Way PSA
A Practical Guide
Shifting Focus

Living Safely With Dementia

If you or a person you are caring for has dementia, these resources will help to inform, educate and ensure that you and your caregiving team are prepared in case something happens. In this section we offer an ID Kit, an Incident Response Checklist, and a Post-Incident Checklist – tools that are important to have on hand in case a person with dementia goes missing. We also offer simple tipsheets for both people with dementia and individuals supporting a person with dementia – these documents are easy to read and summarize a few key points that are important to keep in mind.

I support Someone with Dementia
I have Dementia
Incident Response Checklist
Identification Kit
Post-incident Checklist
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