This safety plan may include the use of locating devices and enrolling with a registry such as MedicAlert SafelyHome® or a vulnerable persons’ registry supported by your local police services or the OPP.

There are benefits and drawbacks to locating devices. Some people may consider the use of a device improves personal freedom and safety while giving caregivers peace of mind. Others may feel this is an invasion of privacy. Using a locating device does not decrease the need to check in often with the person with dementia.

It is important that people who are recently diagnosed with dementia have a discussion as early as possible with the people who are important in their lives. An open discussion with all concerned will help with the decision making. Support is available from your local Alzheimer Society.

To learn more about technology that can help people with dementia, download our Information on Locating Devices document.

We also offer a Finding Your Way product site where you can view products that may be able to help people with dementia. You can learn about available devices, compare products, and find out which one might be right for you or the person with dementia that you’re supporting by clicking here.


You may like to learn more about “Interacting with a person with dementia who may be lost” in one of our four – 15 minute Online Learning modules

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